Saturday, August 25, 2012

A bit slow

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[0]OT[5x20 byo-yomi] PW[Kashomon]PB[black]WR[1k]BR[1k]DT[2012-08-25]PC[The KGS Go Server at]RE[B+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[dp]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[op]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[dd]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[fq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[qj]WL[20]OW[5]C[This move gave up sente for me, which black took advantage of. I don't know if this is bad, but I really didn't like the opening that resulted.] ;B[cn]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[eo]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[cq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[cp]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[dq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[go]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[gp]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[ho]WL[20]OW[5]C[This move doesn't do very much for white.] ;B[ck]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ci]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[cg]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ei]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[ek]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[ce]WL[20]OW[5]C[Too slow. This allows black to jump to the center.] ;B[eg]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[bh]WL[20]OW[5]LB[gi:A]C[Again, very slow. It would have been better to play at A] ;B[fn]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[fo]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[en]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jd]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[fc]BL[20]OB[5]C[I have two groups to attack! Unfortunately, I help black by playing defensively.] ;W[ec]WL[20]OW[5]C[this helps black.] ;B[fd]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[nc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[qf]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[bg]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[ed]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[dc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[cf]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[df]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[dg]BL[20]OB[5]C[Now is the time to connect underneath.] (;W[ee]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[fe]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[ff]WL[20]OW[5]C[An overplay.] ;B[ef]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[de]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[bf]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[gf]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[bd]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[be]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[ae]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[hd]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[fb]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[eb]WL[20]OW[5] (;B[ic]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[hc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[hb]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[bc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[fh]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[fj]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[jc]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[hh]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[gi]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[gk]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[hi]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ih]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[ii]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[kc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[id]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ie]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[je]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[he]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[kd]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[gb]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[lc]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ib]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[ql]BL[20]OB[5]TR[bd][ae][bf][cf][ef][cg][dg][eg][fh][gi][hi][ii]C[I am behind -- I should attack the black stones.] (;W[pc]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[qc]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[qb]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[oc]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[pb]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[od]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jb]WL[20]OW[5] ;B[kb]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[hm]WL[20]OW[4] (;B[rc]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[dl]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[dk]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[bm]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[bn]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[bo]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[an]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[bk]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[bq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[dm]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[dn]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[gm]WL[20]OW[4]C[Another mistake.] ;B[bj]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ak]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[cl]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[fl]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[el]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ao]WL[20]OW[4]C[Slow. White is already alive.] ;B[bl]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[bi]WL[20]OW[4]C[Loses sente.] ;B[aj]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[qp]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[jh]BL[20]OB[5]C[Good for black. The game is really hard for me now.] ;W[ji]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[ik]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jj]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[jk]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[ij]WL[20]OW[4]C[A mistake.] ;B[hk]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[hj]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[gj]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[fk]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[ki]BL[20]OB[5]C[The game is over now.] ;W[oo]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[kj]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[np]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[nq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[oq]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[mq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[pk]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[qn]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[pm]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[pp]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[po]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[pq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[qq]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[or]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[pr]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[oq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[qo]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[iq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[nd]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[nb]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[mb]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[ob]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[nf]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[jn]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jo]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[in]BL[20]OB[5] (;W[hq]WL[20]OW[4]C[Another mistake. These leads to my resign.] ;B[hp]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[ip]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[io]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jp]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[hr]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[fp]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[gq]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[jm]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[im]BL[20]OB[5] ;W[il]WL[20]OW[4] ;B[jl]BL[20]OB[5]) (;W[hp] (;B[io] ;W[hq] ;B[ip] ;W[gq] ;B[fp] ;W[fr] ;B[eq] ;W[er] ;B[dr] ;W[br]C[Black cannot play this way.]) (;B[hq] ;W[jp]C[A better way to go.]))) (;W[lj] ;B[fk] ;W[gl] ;B[fi] ;W[ej] ;B[eh] ;W[cj] ;B[al] ;W[ag] ;B[af] (;W[ai] ;B[di] ;W[dj] ;B[dh]) (;W[fg] ;B[ai] ;W[gh] ;B[di] ;W[dj] ;B[dh]))) (;W[lj] ;B[kk] ;W[li] ;B[hk] ;W[jm]C[At least white has a chance now.])) (;W[bl] ;B[bp] (;W[gm]) (;W[ji] ;B[jj] ;W[kj] ;B[ki] ;W[jh] ;B[kk] ;W[lj] ;B[ik] ;W[lk] ;B[kl]C[It's still hard to attack these stones.]))) (;W[cl] ;B[bk] ;W[el] ;B[fl]) (;W[dm] ;B[dn] ;W[fm] ;B[em] ;W[el] ;B[fl] ;W[fk] ;B[gm])) (;B[hl] ;W[gl] ;B[gm] ;W[hk] ;B[il] ;W[ik] ;B[jl] ;W[jk] ;B[hn] ;W[gn] ;B[im] ;W[fm] ;B[hm] ;W[em] ;B[dn] ;W[bp])) (;W[ji]C[Might as well prceed this way] ;B[jj] (;W[ik] ;B[jh] ;W[ki] ;B[ij] ;W[kj]) (;W[hl] ;B[ki] ;W[jh] ;B[ik]) (;W[kj] ;B[jh] ;W[ki] ;B[ik] ;W[jk] ;B[ij] ;W[hl] ;B[il] ;W[im] ;B[jl] ;W[kk] ;B[km] ;W[jn]C[It's hard to attack these guys effectively.]))) (;B[cc]C[Missed chance by black.] ;W[cb] ;B[bb] ;W[da] ;B[fa] ;W[ea] ;B[ba]C[over])) (;W[bf]C[better.])) (;W[bf] ;B[ef] ;W[de] ;B[gf]C[I am definitely behind, but I think this is playable. I have 3 weak groups, and black doesn't have any.])) (;W[ee]C[This would have been better for sure ] ;B[fe] ;W[ff] ;B[ef] ;W[gf] (;B[hd] ;W[fh]) (;B[fh] ;W[fj]))) (;W[eg]C[This looks better to me] ;B[ce] ;W[cd] ;B[ef] ;W[fg] ;B[ee] ;W[fc]C[I like this much better.])) (;W[cl] ;B[ho] ;W[gn]C[Better than in the game.]))

A Test Post

I would like to resurrect this blog using EidoGo, so here's a test to make sure it works.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to reviewing

I've just finished one of my other projects, and so I'm hoping to get back into Go-study, starting this game.  The game started out pretty bad for me, and I wasn't able to get momentum back, but there was definitely tricky stuff in the mid game. Overall, I spent too much time fighting and should have been looking for stability especially after the bad opening.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lee Sedol's Giant Cross

This is a reposting from JustPlayGo.  Did you guys see this game with Lee Sedol vs Mok Jinseok in the second round of the Kuksu?  Move 62 is totally nuts -- a giant cross with four double diagonals in the center of the board!  I've never seen anything like that.  In any case, Lee destroys his opponent with some fantastic tactics.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zombie Group

I played a game against a 1d today.  Epic fights emerged as usual. The most fascinating part for me was the zombie group (nominally dead at move 116) that eventually comes back alive and saves the day.